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Breaking the ice

For the very first time I decided to try this. Blog in English. Before I write anything else I'd like to apologize about all the mistakes. I hope you see past them and understand what I'm trying to tell you.  One of the very first things I realized when I started the Facebook page is that I don't know all the words related to riding, dressage and horses in English. They are so easy to me in my own language but in English it's a whole different story. I will do my best to climb over this language barrier and I appreciate all the tips you might want to give me on how to express something or what is the correct word if I use the wrong one. And at this point I have to remember that after my accident several weeks passed without me being able to write anything. I remember the odd feeling staring at my Facebook and couldn't write a word. Gradually I started to challenge myself and kept on writing even if it was just few words at first. Bearing that in mind I have already come far from that point.

Our Facebook page was created for me as a Para-Dressage rider and for my beautiful horse Maestoso Madam. I use both languages, English and Finnish, because some of my friends and followers are from other parts of the globe than this small corner of the earth in north called Finland.

My first language is Finnish so it is more natural to me to write in Finnish. I can freely express myself with all the tones available when I write in my own language. I used to be quite fluent in English but Traumatic Brain Injury made sure that nothing is as easy as it used to be. I have always loved the English language and it didn't do me no harm when I did my working placement in Edinburgh Scotland during my studies. I gained a second family very dear to me in Scotland and left half of my heart there. Every now and then I have had the privilege to visit the other half of my heart in Scotland. I could go on about the magnificent beauty of Scotland and the simply awesome punch  of people we know as Scots but this time this story is not about Scotland. Maybe someday I'll tell you all about it. After all this is my blog and I'm free to write about anything and everything dear to me. All those things you combine and the result is your life. Unique and mirror image of you.

This time I will try to tell you only shortly about me and my horse. As you already know I am Para-Dressage rider Lilli Vehmas from Finland and my horse is a Lipizzan mare Maestoso Madam aka Masu. I haven't been a Para-Dressage rider all my life. I was injured in a horse related accident in 2013 and almost exactly one year after that I fell off from my horse and that made my injuries even worse. I have a traumatic brain injury, a whiplash injury to my neck that caused partial spinal cord injury. Right side of my body doesn't work properly and traumatic brain injury causes so much all sort of problems in life that I could write a book about it.

After being injured like that you can imagine it took some time to get to know and to understand this new me and somehow make peace with the big change in me. It's not all bad what comes to your life after such an ordeal. At first I thought what it comes to riding and dressage that there is no way I could carry on goal-oriented riding. How wrong I was. My salvation was Masu. She is very sensitive and light to aids. I needed to find a way to use my body with what's left and she really listens to the soft aids - language spoken in silence.

Maestoso Madam has been my horse and center of my universe from 2006. So our story began in a past life. That's how I see it. I had completely different life before 2013. Next time I will tell you about our history, how we found each other and what kind of life we lived before my accident. So I'll do my best to write in English every now and then. And when I do you can easily find out in our Facebook page, all the links will be posted there as soon as new entry in blog is published. There, I've done it! My very first blog in English. I just might treat myself with a cup of coffee to celebrate this occasion!