Lipizzan Horses

History of Lipizzan Horses

Lipizzan Horse aka Lipizzaner is one of the oldest breeds in Europe. Lipizzan is a Baroque-style horse that has strong connection to royalty. The Lipica stud farm  situated in Slovenia nowadays was established by Archduke Karl II in 1580. Horses from different breeds were used to develop the perfect horse. In Lipizzan breeding they used for example Andalusians, Arabian horses and Italian Neapolitano horses.

There are eight classical sire lines still in use: Pluto, Conversano, Maestoso, Favory, Siglavy, Incitato and Tulipan. From Lipica stud farm eighteen classical mare lines originated. Most of these lines still continuing today.

Tulipan Fecske


The Spanish Riding School in Vienna is keeping this magnificent breed world famous even though there are only around 10 000 horses of this breed all together in the world. In Spanish Riding School most of the stallions performing are white but they always keep at least one black or bay stallion as a good luck charm.

Originally Lipizzan horses had variety of colors; black, browns, chestnuts, duns, etc. Later on the white hair coat has become dominant in the breed. Still you can find rare colors in purebred Lipizzan horses, usually black or bay, but we have in Finland for example one Blue Roan Lipizzan horse.

Maestoso Madam. Photograph: Kirsi Tiainen


Lipizzan horses are usually quite small horses, the Lipizzan averages between 14.2 to 15.2 hands (1,45-1,55 m). Lipizzan horses can be used for driving and under saddle, they make perfect Dressage horses.

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