What we have been up to recently

This year has been quite significant when it comes to Para-Dressage in Finland. Giant leaps have been taken in regional level to broaden the opportunities to compete and participate. Very first time in Finnish equestrian history Regional Championships in Para-Dressage took place in Häme and as well first time there was Para Dressage class at regional show for Finnhorses. Loads of work still to be done but this certainly is a step to the right direction!

During this Autumn we had quite funny moment when we organized meet and greet for my para sports. My Para-Dressage horse Maestoso Madam got to meet the shot that I use when I'm training for my adventures in the world of Para Athletics. It was a nice opportunity to have a good laugh and to take a break from more serious events going on this Autumn.

Meet and Greet of Para Sports


I usually don't have any luck in raffles but I actually won something and got to attend Para Riding Minicamp. You should have seen my face when I was told that there was only Finnhorses on that camp. I was disabled by Finnhorse and therefore not so keen to have anything to do with them. Most of them are huge and stubborn.

Harri Juusti took a photo that proofs I rode Finnhorse in Minicamp. 


Luckily I had done some proper "therapy" to get rid of this antipathy. My very good friend Kirsi Tiainen owns absolutely fabulous  Finnhorse mare Rannikon Kaisla. Quite an exceptional Finnhorse I would say. Kaisla is master of almost all disciplines of equestrian sports. Kaisla has competed in Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping, you name it, she's done it! So luckily I had already rode Kaisla one time before the Minicamp. Otherwise I don't think I would have been able to get myself in the saddle of Finnhorse I don't know.

As I mentioned earlier there was for the very first time Para Dressage class at regional show for Finnhorses and I got to be part of it. The show itself is big event every year.  It was my third time riding Rannikon Kaisla and we came third in the competition with very nice result of 61,771%. I am forever grateful to Kirsi for believing me and trusting to ride her awesome horse! Hopefully we will do this next year as well.

Rannikon Kaisla's owner Kirsi Tiainen photographed us at the show.


It usually takes me about two weeks to recover from big events or social gatherings. Now I had less than two weeks to get myself and my body working again because Maestoso Madam and me had our main goal ahead of us. First time in Finnish equestrian history SRL Häme organized Regional Championships in Para-Dressage. You can't imagine my happiness when we won Regional Championship Gold! My beautiful and sensitive Masu danced her way to be a regional champion!

The happiest Para-Dressage rider and the most beautiful Para-Dressage horse in Häme region


Our season was almost done but we had one more reason to get to our show gear. We had qualified our way to two different online dressage summer championships. So one fine Sunday we did both tests in a row. And apparently it's possible to reach title of Champion and Reserve Champion in a one day.  We did our Equimind's Para-Dressage test and won the Championships in Para/RDA and I also won the Rider's League of Para/RDA. The other test was for Interdressage's Baroque Walk&Trot Championships and by only half a point to the winner we were Reserve Champions.

Online Dressage is so much easier than going to the shows. 


All the shows done for this season it was time to get bit bonkers when sudden heat wave arrived in early October. Masu had already grown quite striking thick fur coat for the winter so we took our clippers out with Vaula. Vaula is very talented with small clipper and Vaula makes all the wild ideas come to reality. This year I have myself a Batmobile! How cool is this! Now there's something to make me smile every time I take her rug of!

Rear bumber of my Batmobile!