One winter day in Para-Equestrian's life

I've had the time of my life

Recently my disabilities have been giving me some hard times. Struggle has been really real since autumn. I have not been able to ride almost at all. Masu has been ridden mostly by Vaula. Slowly I'm getting back on my feet, as wobbly as they still are and going to be for the rest of my life. Most of all at last I'm getting back in to the saddle. The best place in the whole wide world!

I haven't clipped Masu yet at all due to this winter's conditions, the weather keeps on changing below and over zero so the outside riding ring is usually hard or slippery. That means working in walk and maybe if you're lucky some trotting as well.

Yesterday I had a thought of taking some photos of my beautiful Masu. Theme of the photos would have been "She's so FLUFFY!" Her winter hair is.. How should I put it.. Epic.

What happened is that I forgot. I forgot my phone and the pics. I forgot my pain. I forgot the financial worries, hunger, all the household chores I haven't been able to do. I forgot everything. There was this perfect bubble and inside that bubble there we were. Masu and me. I was back in the saddle and we were as one. She was doing everything perfectly. When I got down from the saddle for a short while spasticity in my legs eased up and it was easier to walk for an hour or so.

Masu was in a perfect mood as well. She was really there with me. Loved every cuddle, scratching and kiss I gave her. The kindness in her eyes is something that really gives you the feeling you are truly loved. As we walked back to the stable radio was playing "I've had the time of my life" and it was more than appropriate.

Everyone should have something like this in their life, whether it's a horse, dog, hobby or something completely different that takes you away from your worries for awhile. Gives you hope and a space to take a deep breath enjoying life. To have the time of your life!

Instead of current "She's so fluffy"-pic here is from the early days of fluffy coming along.

This photo was taken in September and it captures quite nicely the kindness and happiness in Masu, don't you think?