I'm a Para-Dressage rider Lilli Vehmas from Finland and my horse is a rare beauty, dark colored Lipizzaner mare Maestoso Madam (born 2002 in Hungary, sire: Maestoso Toplica XXI-3, dam: Pluto XIX-3). I am also Para-Athlete and in Para-Athletics I compete in Shot Put. I want to welcome you to follow our adventure in the world of Para-Dressage and Para Sports.

I was injured in 2013 in a horse related accident. I have partial spinal cord injury, whiplash injury and traumatic brain injury. Riding accident in 2014 made my injuries worse and it has taken some time and loads of determination to carry on doing the thing I love most, Dressage! My horse Maestoso Madam has been the most important key element on rehabilitating my body and keeping me going forward. She is my pride and joy! Right side of my body is not what it used to be but Maestoso Madam aka Masu gives me legs to run and dance with and sometimes even wings to fly with.

Our life together started in 2006 when Masu was 4 years old. 

I went through the Classification procedure to Para-Dressage conducted by a Classification Panel in 2016. My grade was originally V ( athletes with least impairment). We were part of Para-Dressage Team Finland during 2017. In September 2018 we became Regional Champions in Para-Dressage. We also competed in Online Dressage and we became Summer Champions in Equimind's RDA/Para Dressage and Reserve Champions in Interdressage's Baroque W&T Championships. In November 2018 I had my re-classification and my grade changed from V to IV.

2019 we made our debut at national championships in para-dressage.

Since 2018 I have been competing also with Finnhorse Rannikon Kaisla (owner: Kirsi Tiainen) in para-dressage and dressage, regional and national level. We became regional champions 2019 in Para-Dressage with Rannikon Kaisla.

2018 I started Para Athletics Shot Put. I was silver medalist in National Para Athletics Championships in my class F38. 2019 Indoor Championships I won gold.

In my own region Päijät-Häme I was awarded as a Para Athlete of the year in 2018.

This website is created for everyone interested in Para-Dressage, Para Athletics, colored Lipizzaner or just want to embrace life as it is. I write my blog mostly in Finnish but I'll do my very best to write in English as well every now and then. Even though my injuries makes it hard to keep training at the level I would like to but I consider it to be a challenge and I welcome you to join me on this path to tackle obstacles and challenges. My motto is "Things happen in life - Crucial is how you act upon them!"