Pawsome story of Lost Boys

They were lost, now they are forever found

In honor of a Mutt day let me tell you a pawsome story of two lost dogs. Before I start about the boys I'll tell you few words about Elsa. Elsa was my dog. So much mine that we almost were one. I have always let destiny decide what it comes to dogs. Elsa came to me by destiny and stayed in my life for almost fourteen years. Elsa was mixed breed, half Tibetan Mastiff half every kind of dog breed you can find from Finnish countryside. She looked like a proper Lurcher. It still feels like somebody ripping my heart out of my chest when I think of the day cancer took her away from me. It hit me so hard I thought I could never again take another dog to my home, my heart, my life.

Some time passed grieving for the lost of my beautiful soul mate. My friend Anni had adopted a rescue dog from Canary Isles and shared on Facebook posts about rescue dogs looking for home. I never had any trouble passing by those posts because I really didn't think I could open my heart and home to another dog. And some way I was also thinking that we have loads of dogs in Finland as well needing a home so why should you take one from abroad. Although not as much as there is other countries but nevertheless some. Everything changed when one photo made my heart skip a beat or two. On my computer screen a familiar face looked at me and I started to cry. All the excuses why not disappeared in to thin air. This dog looked like my dog.


Anni had took her dog from this same association and there were some Finns and Brits also involved running TARA Animal Respect Association. TARA is a Canarian registered, non-profit organization of volunteers who rescue, medically treat, sterilize, microchip and rehome abused and abandoned animals.  On this heart stopping picture was one of two male dogs who had been discovered next to an urbanization on a abandoned construction site. The post said both had been roaming in the urbanization during 3 weeks (Pirata) and (Scooby) for 1 week. One of them (Scooby) is a puppy, 3-4 months age, black colour and a little white patch in the middle of his chest. He is very loving. The other one (Pirata) is less than 1 year, black and White color, very obedient, and his weight is round 10 kilos. Both are medium size.

Huge Thank You to Rita and Sanna for these TARA's pics:



So I contacted the association and offered to give this young pup Scooby a forever home. At this same time I was on a vacation in Edinburgh when we made the arrangements on how this wee pup would get to Finland. That is why he is named after the most beautiful city in the world. When I give a dog home, pack and my heart, I also want to give that dog name. Scooby was named Edi. Lovely Finnish lady Rita, who is my dear friend nowadays, was living in Canary Isles and worked really hard in TARA. She flew to Finland with Scooby aka Edi after giving him a temporary foster home in Canaries during health checks, vaccinations and other important stuff that has to be done before dog can fly to another country. I will never forget the funny feeling I had on the airport when Rita handed a small creature from her lap to mine and said "He likes to be held in lap." I had thought that he would be bigger. Elsa was 25 kilos. Something I call dog sized dog. I never had a small dog before.

My cat Numa fell in love with Edi almost straight away. She loved dogs and had missed Elsa as well. It was summer time and life carried on trying to teach this little pee machine how to be house broken. My mum was babysitting a lot because turned out Edi had a really bad case of separation anxiety. Considering his past I'm not surprised. Maybe Edi's separation anxiety played it own part on me buying a house during the summer and we moved from apartment house to our own house. Because of the bad case of separation anxiety people kept on suggesting I should get another dog.

Summer was about to end and so it happened that the other dog Pirata was still living in that abandoned construction site waiting for forever home. I contacted TARA's Finnish ladies Rita and Sanna again and basically said that if it's okay for them they could lasso the other fellow as well and send him of to Finland. And so they did. Pirata nowadays called Rauno left his balls to Canary Isles because it was easier to do there meanwhile he took his vaccinations etc. Edi had arrived to Finland in June and Rauno came to Finland in late October. They had not seen each other in four months.

Rauno arrived in the middle of the night and I went to get him from the airport. The next day I had to go to work  so my mum's small apartment was closer to airport and the place I worked so Edi was waiting there and we were going to spent the night there. In the darkness of Finnish fall night those two boys were united in the wet street beside my mum's house. In a short while they recognized each other and went completely bonkers! They run and played through that night.

They once chose to live with each other on the streets and then they were rescued one by one. Now they can live together happily ever after in their forever home. They make me smile at least thousand times a day. Adopt, foster, give yourself something to smile about!

Edi and Rauno in July 2017 in their own forever home.